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Western Star will harness the tremendous wind and wave potential of the Atlantic Ocean to help create a clean, sustainable future for everyone. The project will utilise innovative and cutting-edge technologies to incorporate both floating offshore wind and wave energy conversion arrays to produce zero-carbon electricity. The development aims to help Ireland progress towards a green energy future with domestically sourced sustainable electricity delivering both environmental and economic benefits to the entire country and potentially beyond.

Simply Blue Energy is developing the Western Star project off the west coast of Clare, which will consist of a floating windfarm situated at least 35km offshore, co-developed with a wave energy conversion array, approximately 4km from the coast.

Project Goals


This project will help to reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuel imports, where a large portion of our current electricity production comes from.


Offshore wind and wave energies are clean, sustainable and renewable energy sources which will help the country reach its targets on greenhouse gas emissions to help in the fight against climate change.


We are dedicated to developing sustainable and transformative marine projects working with the oceans and enabling communities to benefit from blue growth.

Who we are
Who We Are

Who are Simply Blue Energy?

Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Simply Blue Energy is a leading early stage developer of sustainable and transformative marine projects who work with the oceans and enable communities to benefit from blue growth. Our projects cover floating wind energy, wave energy and aquaculture. Our mission is to raise awareness of the oceans’ potential, pioneer marine project development and collaborate with partners to build a sustainable blue economy and communities. We are committed to engaging with coastal communities and supporting stepping-stone developments to encourage growth that will benefit everyone.

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Key Project Personnel