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Wave Energy Conversion (WEC)

Wave Energy Conversion (WEC)

The proposed WEC portion of this co-development project will first focus on a two-step phased installation initially with 5MW capacity before building up to a 30MW demonstration array. The site will be located 4km off the west coast of Co. Clare and will consist of an interconnected array of devices, each generating energy with the rise and fall of the surface of the sea and feeding it back to land via an export cable.

This cutting-edge wave energy conversion array will provide a steady, reliable energy resource, while acting as a blueprint for similar future projects, both here in Ireland and around the world, paving the way for future projects into the 2030s.

Our Vision
Credit Colin Keldie
Our Vision

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Coastal Distance


30 MW

Capacity phased
demonstration development


Renewable Energy

New sustainable energy
source to Ireland’s energy

Credit Colin Keldie
Credit Colin Keldie
Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) Technology

While a range of wave energy conversion technologies and methodologies exist globally, the early phases of Western Star will utilise a surface point absorber-type wave energy converter array developed by CorPower Ocean. This technology, inspired by the pumping of the human heart, consists of floating surface buoys, anchored to the seabed by a pre-tensioned system, that rise and fall with wave motion. The resulting mechanical energy is converted to electricity for export to shore through a system of inter-array and export cables.

In 2015, Simply Blue Energy carried out a technology landscape review to assess global WEC options. This resulted in a collaboration agreement with CorPower Ocean, who have since demonstrated the viability and durability of their technology through a three-year deployment off Scotland, leading to the partnership on Western Star.

A similar review was carried out again 2020, identifying additional promising technologies to be considered for projects into the future.

Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) Technology

WEC Array Timeline

Phase 1
(5MW Array)
Phase 2
(25MW Array)
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